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Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:11 am

You know about the Inquisitions history the society’s beliefs, activities and of its members. Non Mortal PCs must have Church Lore 4 to gain Inquisition lore. Due to the nature of this lore, it is extremely restircted for Vampire PCs.

Inquisition Lore 1 - What a Novice has heard

You know the basic facts about the Society of Leopold. E.g. It exists, has links to the church, and well-known facts of the founding of the Society.

Inquisition Lore 2 - What an Inquisitor is taught

You have learned a few details of interest about the Society of Leopold.
You know of the Paiousia (The prophecy of the second coming).
You know of the existence of Theurgy and True Faith, but know no reliable facts.
You have a basic understanding of the Hierarchy of the society, the 5 Canon’s of the Society and of the existence of some sub divisions and sects of the Society.
You have heard rumors that Relics of times past exist, but not of any verifiable sightings of these items.

Inquisition Lore 3 - What the Condotierri & Gladius Dei consider true

You have gained a wealth of knowledge about the Society e.g. Society procedures and tactics, locations of a range of weak Holy sites and how to use them (If you have True Faith).
You know of True Faith and how to use it (If you have it) and have a basic knowledge of the existance of common Theurgy paths
You know of some of the important faces of the Society, and have knowledge of all commonly known Sub Divisions, and some of the less common sects.

Inquisition Lore 4 - What a Censor suspects

You are considered a Scholar within the Inquisition, (You have to have membership, or have had at some point, of the Inquisition to have Levels 4 and above)
You know of many Holy sites and how to use them.
You know how True Faith can be used effectively, and of most Theurgy paths.
You also know the location of the Great Reliquary and Leopolds Tomb, and of some of the Relics within, but not how to access them.
You also know some of the famous and infamous faces of the Inquisition and some secrets from the Societies past (e.g. the Truth behind the Florentine Heresy).
You know of the existence of another sect of Hunters, ‘The Arcarnum’, and that they keep a distance from the Inquisition.

Inquisition Lore 5 - What a Provincial fears

You are privy to the Secrets of the Inquisition.
You know how to gain access to both the Great Reliquary and Leopolds tomb, and also have a catalogue (not necessarily accurate) of the Relics within.
You know the complete and detailed history of the Society, and most known Sects.
You know of the existence of the secret Theurgy paths, and that True Faith, is a branch of the Numia Powers, and that other such powers exist.
You may also know of the existence of other Supernaturals within the Inquisition and know key members of the Society by their first names.
You know of members of the Arcarnum, and could possibly have relations with that group.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

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