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Post  Storyteller Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:15 am

Spirit Lore 1 - What a New Ager would know

Sprits are real and they play tricks on people all the time!
You've heard of the existance of the 'spirit world' beyond this one.
They tend to live in nature, far from people.
You know Spirits don't really have a mind and act randomly.
Spirits can't harm you if you don't believe in them.

Spirit Lore 2 - What a Paranormal Studies Graduate would know

You have learned a little more of spirits.
You know that not all Spirits will listen to those not of thier kind. Only by coaxing or forcing them can a spirit be compelled.
You've probably spoken to one or more Spirts by now.
You know now that Spirits are loosely organized into groups based on how they originated.
You know of 'Realms' where different types of spirits congregate and that in many places the spirit world is a 'Mirror' of the real world.

Spirit Lore 3 - What a Wise Kinfolk would know

You have learned that the 'Umbra' represents the Spirit World.
All that has been created here, that has great meaning in this world, is mirrorred there in its Spirit Form, which is often made up of many interconnected spirits.
You know that Spirits have Power that can be harnessed to effect the Umbra or other spirits, or in some cases the real world. This power is also called 'Gnosis'.
You also know that Spirits fall into three main catagories: 'Pattern Spirits', 'Chaos or Entropy Spirits' or 'Nature or Creation' spirits. All three seem to be in constant conflict.
You know of some particularly nasty Chaos spirits called Banes that seem drawn to negative emotion.
The name of the barrier between the real world and the Umbra is the "Gauntlet". You know that places that correspond to the three types of spirits tend to make the Gauntlet 'thinner'.

Spirit Lore 4 - What an Arcanum Scholar would know

You have learned much more of the Umbra by now.
Spirits can be trapped in real-world items, called Fetishes. These things take power from the spirit to do magic.
You know the three types of spirits serve ancient and powerful forces called The Weaver, The Wyrm, and The Wyld. You can probably tell what type of Spirit you are dealing with with a little research, sometimes simply by sight.
You know that Lupines supposedly serve the Wyld, technology spirits serve the Weaver and Vampires are said to be agents of the Wyrm.
You've heard of several important Realms, like Malfeas and Arcadia and know enough of the Deep Umbra to know never to go there. You've also heard of the Horizon, the edge of the Umbra.
You know Lupines commonly traverse the Umbra using Spirits as guides

Spirit Lore 5. What an Umbral Traveller fears

You are quite familliar with the cosmology of the Spirit World and have probably often travelled there.
You know of Incarna, the most powerful Spirits in the Umbra, where they reside and how best to contact or avoid them.
You know of horrific servants of the Wyrm called Urges that taint and corrupt everything they are near.
You know of terrible creatures of the Weaver called Nexus Crawlers that literally re-write reality as they pass.
You have heard of Horizon Realms, places of great power governed over by powerful Magi.
You have heard of great vessels that traverse the Void of the Deep Umbra.
It is likely you are caught up in the great battle between the three forces. At the very least, their servants are aware of you and may respect, fear, or even hate you.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

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