Rhode Island By Night
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GEN: History of the Domains

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GEN: History of the Domains  Empty GEN: History of the Domains

Post  Storyteller Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:34 am

Timeline of Rhode Island.

Colonial Era.

 First discovery by Europeans; de Verrazano explored coastline.

 Wendigo establish control over cearns vacated by the loss of the Croatan.

1625. First European contact with natives; Dutch traders and Narragansett tribe.

1635. Native Garou make first contact with European counterparts. Relations between the two groups warmer than in rest of region, mainly due to presence of the Child of Gaia Alpha Learns-the-Howls, who encouraged the colonists to negotiate with local humans.

1636. First European settlement; Providence, founded by religious dissidents from Massachusetts, led by Roger Williams.

 First European Sept; Gaia's Eye, Providence.

1638 – 1642. Foundation of Portsmouth, Newport and Warwick.

1644. First organisation as a separate colony under a system of religious tolerance, encouraging other religious dissidents, such as Jews and Quakers.

1644 – 1653. Arrival of first European Kindred; den Driessche (Toreador, Newport), Bowden (Gangrel, Portsmouth) and Lansing (Brujah, Providence).

1650's. Arrival of more European Garou, Learns-the-Howls loses control. New leadership increasingly belligerent towards Native Garou.

1658. First reported sighting of Black Spiral Dancers.

1660's. Relations between the colonists and the Narragansett deteriorate, mainly due to the rapid rise in European colonisation of region.

1661. Learns-the-Howls killed in ambush. Both sides blame the other.

1663. Royal Charter given by King Charles II, safeguarding previous freedoms and making the colony self-governing.

1670. European population c.2,000. Economy dependent on subsistence agriculture and fishing.

1672. First Tremere chantry in New England; Warwick.

1675 – 1676. King Philip’s War. Native Americans defeated by New England militia. Garou fracture down ethnic lines; European Garou seize control of Fading Light Sept.

1680's. Failed attempt by England to impose tighter control on New England colonies.

1690. Native American population reduced by 75% from pre-colonisation numbers.

1700. European population c. 6,000. Rise in logging, dairy farming and shipbuilding.

1720. European population c. 12,000. Rise of prominence of the production of rum, molasses and the transport of African slaves. Control of state now fully European, both mortal and Garou.

1730's. British trading restrictions and trade taxes increasingly anger local merchants.

1732. First newspaper; Rhode Island Gazette, Newport.

1742. Lansing officially recognised as Camarilla Prince of Rhode Island.

1746. Bristol County annexed from Massachusetts.

1750. European population c.25,000.

1764. First university; Brown, Providence.

1776. State declares independence from British Empire. Population c 55,000.

1776 – 1779.
 British occupation of Newport.

Industrial Era.

1790. First factory in US; textile mill, Pawtucket.

 Providence overtakes Newport to become largest city in state.

1810's – 1840's. Rhode Island industrialises, leading the nation.

1821. Glass Forest Sept founded by Glass Walkers. (Then known as Tetrasomians).

1830. Population 97,000. Economy dominated by manufacturing, mainly textiles, but also jewellery and metal products.

1830's. Rapid population growth, urbanisation and antiquated governmental system leads to rising tensions. Prince Lansing increasingly authoritarian and ineffective. Ventrue Primogen Nadal conspires to overthrow Lansing. Uses mortal strikes, democratic agitation and rising industrial bourgeoisie as key weapons.

1842. Prince Lansing deposed, replaced by Nadal. After offering token reforms, abandons democratic agitators. When this flares into open rebellion, they are crushed.

1847. First train service; Providence.

1855. Gaia's Eye Sept under Bone Gnawer control.

1859. Wyrm-induced cholera epidemic strikes Providence, killing thousands.

1860. Population 175,000. Continued mass immigration from Europe.

1873. First sewer system; Providence.

1875. Last wolf shot in state, now extinct in wild.

1879. First telephone exchange; Providence.

 Naval War College founded in Newport.

1893. Local mage's coven exterminated by Garou.

Twentieth Century.

1900. Population 430,000. Economy continues to grow rapidly. Providence replaces Newport as State Capital.

 Providence Chinatown completely burnt to the ground by human witch-hunters. 

1904. Fading Light Sept reopened to Native Garou. 

1906. 'The Week of Weird'; Masquerade strained to limit after Kindred battle formori in Providence. 

1920's. Start of decline of textile industry, rise of the KKK.

1922. First radio station; Providence.

1923. Pentex starts operations in state.

1931. First public airport; T.F. Green, Warwick.

1934. Attempted Sabbat invasion of RI; while unsuccessful, causes heavy losses amongst Camarilla Kindred, including Gangrel Elder Bowden.

1938. 'Yankee Clipper' Hurricane kills 600.

1949. First television station; Providence.

1950. Population, 790,000. Continued decline in textiles offset by rise in electronics.

1954. Hurricane Carol causes $750m damage (Current USD). Martial law declared in aftermath. Prince Nadal uses this to purge domain of Anarchs – heavy-handed, but effective.

1958. First electronic computer; Brown University, Providence.

1964. Garou close down Endron Nuclear Facility in Narragansett, just before it was due to go 'active'. 

1971. First connection to 'internet'; ARPANET, Brown University, Providence.

 Worst snowstorms in state history kill 21.

1980. Population 947,000. Decline in manufacturing offset by services and tourism.

1987. Fall of Bristol to the Sabbat.

1989. Garou fail to stop Endron's oil / bane spill in Narragansett Bay, seriously contaminating area.

1998. DNA opens first facility in state.

The Final Nights.

2003. 'The Station' nightclub in Warwick catches fire, killing 100.

2010. Population, 1,050,000. Economy dominated by services and tourism. State suffers from worst flooding in 200 years. Blade-that-Mends arrives in Rhode Island, begins gathering army. 

2011. Camarilla Grand Concave held in Providence, Nadal appointed Justicar. Warwick purged of Kindred by Blade-that-Mends.

2012. Ventrue Seneschal Rice assumes Princedom. Fall of Newport to the Sabbat.  Patriot Tower, owned by Magadon Pharmaceuticals, opens.

2013. Blade-that-Mends vanishes, along with army.

2014. Destruction of Anarchs and Brujah by Sabbat.

2015.  USS Norfolk terrorist attack/Nightflyer Incident.  Quarter of a million killed by suspected dirty/chemical bomb.  Month long supernatural curtain allowed Fomori and other supernaturals to run free, until the bane Nightflyer was destroyed by a combined Kindred/Cainite/Garou force.  After which, the Veil/Masquerade fell back into place as population returned.  Nine Traditions Chantry found abandoned in the wake of the attack.  Prince Rice meets Final Death at hands of unknown assassin.

2016.  Gabrielle Timmerman of the Ventrue claims praxis in Providence.  Patriot Tower condemned due to destruction in Nightflyer Incident, sold to private interests.

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GEN: History of the Domains  Empty Re: GEN: History of the Domains

Post  AST Jim Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:53 am

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