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VtM: History of the World

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VtM: History of the World Empty VtM: History of the World

Post  Storyteller on Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:10 am

A Long Time Ago

The world is created. Few can agree as to how it was created, but most (except some Malkavians) are willing to agree that it was created.


The Third Mortal (Caine) kills the Fourth Mortal (Abel). God tells him he has been a very bad boy and casts him out of society.
Caine goes to the Land of Nod. (No, we don't know where it is, but try the Middle East or North Africa.)
Caine meets Lilith, his father's first wife. She decides to be nice and teach him disciplines.
The angels Uriel, Raphael and Michael tell him to beg for God's forgiveness. When he doesn't, Caine is cursed with vampirism.
Caine leaves Nod, and wanders aimlessly for a while.
Caine finds the First City, whose inhabitants decide to worship him as the god he thinks he is.
Caine creates three childer: Enoch, Zillah, Irad, who then Embrace more vampires.
The First City is destroyed in Great Flood. Many curse Noah for his foresight.
The Second City is built upon the ruins of the First City.
The Third Generation kills the Second Generation.
Members of the Third Generation quarrel, the Second City is destroyed.

4000 B.C. (?)

Falling out between Ravnos and Gangrel Antediluvians. Feud between two clans continues to this day, although someone forgot to tell many members of both clans.

420 B.C.

The Rroma come to Persia, bringing with them those bloody Ravnos. All who encounter the Decievers wish that the Gypsy Clan had stayed in India.

300 B.C.-146 B.C.

Carthage built by Brujah, Baali and Assamites in an attempt to recreate Enoch (the First/Second City). The Brujah claim all the credit.
Punic Wars: Roman Kindred (mostly Ventrue and Malkavians) think Carthage is a BAD THING. Romans come and burn Carthage to the ground. The Brujah blame the Ventrue, and still hate them to this day, although many neonates have no clue why.

A.D. 1 (?)

Gangrel Antediluvian Ennoia falls into torpor.

A.D. 33

Set vanishes


Last verifiable sighting of Haqim, Assamite Antediluvian


The Cainite Heresy. Some priestly types decide that Caine was God's favorite child, or else God would have killed him right off for that whole Abel thing. They think it is their obligation to help Cainites.


Muslims invade Egypt, thoroughly upseting the Setites.


Cainite Heresy is declared anathema.


Venetian Necromancer Augustus Giovanni is Embraced by the Antediluvian Cappadocius. Giovanni's family becomes an influential part of the Cappadocian clan.


Goratrix of (mage) House Tremere uses a captured Tzimisce elder to turn the House's leaders into vampires. The Tzimisce are royally pissed.


The Tremere witch Virstania (the Mother of Gargoyles, as she likes to call herself) creates the first Gargoyle, named Chaundice. Like most Gargoyles, Chaundice was presumably made from leftover Gangrel, Nosferatu and Tzimisce parts. The Nosferatu and Gangrel join the Tzimisce in the war against the Usurpers.


Tremere finally finds the body of an Antediluvian after a long search. He and his followers raid Saulot's tomb, and Tremere himself diablerizes the Salubri Antediluvian. He sends his flunky LeDuc off to go start the purge of the Salubri.

Beginning of the Inquisition


Goratrix of House Tremere gets fed up waiting for the old man to die and leave him king (or whatever). He decides to go leave the Tremere. Eventually, he and his followers join the Sabbat, because they know how much the Tzimisce love the Tremere.


Black Death sweeps through Europe. Cainites run low on food.


The Brujah Tyler attacks the Ventrue Hardestadt, starting the Anarch revolt.
The Lasombra Gratiano and the Tzimisce Lugoj get the bright idea to diablerize their sires/Antediluvians.
Assamites take advantage of the chaos to begin campaign of diablerie.


Hardestadt calls a meeting of elders to discuss the "Anarch Problem."


Agustus Giovanni diablerizes Cappadocius, and begins Tremere-like purge of the Cappadocians and all related bloodlines. Most clans accept bribes not to interfere. In modern nights, even most elders don't recall the name of the clan that spawned the Giovanni.


With the general air of revolution sweeping throuh Kindred society, some Cainites just can't help themselves. The formerly loyal Tremere Virstania (the Mother of Gargoyles), becomes fed up with Clan Tremere's hierarchy, and leads the Gargoyles in a revolt.


The Convention of Thorns:
The Camarilla is founded.
The Anarch Revolt is officially over. No one tells the Anrachs, who go rampaging throughout the countryside and eventually form the Sabbat.


A Nosferatu locates the Assamite fortress of Alamut. The Assamites decide it's best to sue for peace before someone else finds it.


The Treaty of Tyre: The Assamites agree to stop killing everybody, and submit to the Tremere blood curse.


Assamites lay siege to the Tremere stronghold in Vienna. Lots of Warlocks die, but they eventually push the Assamites back. Then the Assamites return several years later to do it again. And again. And then a couple more times.


The Purchase Pact ends the Sabbat Civil War. Sabbat members are no longer allowed to fight amongst themselves. This news is spread throughout the sect, but no one pays attention.


Gangrel Antitribu split into two distinct bloodlines: Country and City. Most Cainites who learn of this don't care. Most Cainites who paid attention still don't know the difference.


Ventrue Archon Lucinde becomes blood bound to the Setite Kemintiri, who is posing as her former lover. The Inner Circle creates the Red List and names Lucinde first Alastor. She is very good at hunting down Anathemas, just not Followers of Set named Kemintiri.


The Sabbat's code of Milan. The tenets of the Sabbat are officially laid down, in Archbishop Giangaleazzo's city. More on him later.


The Third Sabbat Civil War. Only lasts a hundred days, but the Panders (Sabbat Caitiff--Caitiff Antitribu?) end up gaining official Sabbat recognition and clan status. Noddists worldwide protest about the clanless coming to rule.


The Night of Bloody Terrors. Giangaleazzo, Archbishop of Milan (told you we'd get back to him!), decides he would rather be a Prince, defects to the Camarilla, and burns the original copy of the Code of Milan (along with all Sabbat in his city). Sabbat high command is royally P.O.'d, but just can't seem to be able to do anything about it.


Assamite Methuselah Ur-Shulgi wakes up and breaks the Tremere curse after a week's preparation. The Tremere are pissed, and the Assamites go back to diablerizing Cainites--especially the Tremere.
Gangrel Justicar Xavier thinks he's met an Antediluvian and decides to take his clan out of the Camarilla.
Saulot's spirit/soul finally takes over Tremere's body. Tremere decides that the thing to do is to go take over his errant-protege Goratrix's body. The end result is that Goratrix ends up trapped in a mirror and the majority of House Goratrix (the Tremere Antitribu) end up meeting Final Death.
The Camarilla Inner Circle chooses the new Justicars to guide the Camarilla through Gehenna. They pick such a sadly inept bunch that you wonder why they even bothered.


Archbishop Moncada, a pillar of the Sabbat, is assassinated in his haven. Assamites claim credit.
Ravana (Ravnos Antediluvian?) wakes up in India. Most Ravnos go crazy and diablerize each other. It takes the combined forces of the Kuei-jin, the Technocracy, and other mysterious forces to finally kill him. Most Kindred don't realize that Gehenna is about to start.

The not so distant future

Gehenna. It's the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.

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