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Umbrood Lore

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Post  AST Jim Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:16 pm

Umbrood Lore

Please note that this is an "Insider" lore for Mages with the Spirit and/or Mind spheres who have direct experience and/or training regarding the denizens and locales of the Middle and High Umbra beyond that normally associated with the "Outsider" Spirit Lore.  Hedge Magicians/Sorcerers with appropriate spiritual and/or astral powers may take this Lore if their backstory justifies it with special Storyteller permission.

This Lore primarily concerns the High and Middle Umbrae.  Mages with a background in Necromancy and/or the Low Umbra should instead reference Wraith Lore and/or Ghost Lore.

Note that because a Mage's understanding and knowledge can differ radically based on their Paradigm, not all entries will make sense for a particular Mage with a particular worldview.  Please consult the Storytellers with any concerns on incongruities along these lines.

Because it is tied in with the paradigm of Mages and their view of the Otherworlds, this lore is not generally appropriate for Garou/Fera.  Because of their inherent outsider status with regards to the spirit world, it is also inappropriate for Vampires, even those with Auspex 5, the Path of Spirit Manipulation or similar powers that allow access to the High/Middle Umbrae, without express permission from the Storytellers and a damn good justification.

Umbrood Lore 1

You are aware of the existence of the Umbra, and that it is commonly divided into the High or "Astral" Umbra of ideas and concepts, the Middle Umbra of nature and life and the Low Umbra of entropy and decay.
You are aware of the existence of the Gauntlet.
You are familiar with the concepts of "Astral Projection" to enter the High Umbra and "Stepping Sideways" to enter the Middle Umbra.
You understand the concept of the Penumbrae, and are aware that there are deeper layers of the Umbra.
You have heard that the Middle Umbra is inhabited by "Nature Spirits," the High Umbra is inhabited by "Conceptual Spirits" and the Low Umbra is inhabited by the restless ghosts of the departed.
You have heard of "Horizon Realms" as locales within the spirit world, but don't fully understand the concept.
You have heard that spirits can sometimes be bound into objects to create talismans of great power.

Umbrood Lore 2

You understand that the strength of the Gauntlet can vary due to different circumstances from location to location.
You are familiar with the concept of the Metaphysic Trinity and are aware that the overwhelming majority of spirit denizens of the High and Middle Umbra can be associated with one of the three aspects- Dynamism, Stasis or Entropy.
You are familiar with the classification system of spirit power levels most associated with your paradigm (for example, Gaffling/Jaggling/Incarna/Celestine).
You are aware of the distinction between the Penumbra, the Near Umbra and the Deep Umbra, in whatever way that distinction is drawn in your paradigm.
You have heard of one or two of the more well known spirit realms important to your paradigm.
You are aware in general terms of the concept of Horizon Realms as artificially created realms within the spirit world, but you still do not entirely understand the concept of the Horizon.
You are familiar with the concepts of Fetishes and Talens, and understand the difference between them.
You have just enough understanding of the concept of spirit pacts to be a danger to yourself and others.

Umbrood Lore 3

You have a good idea of where areas of especially strong or weak Gauntlet can routinely be found.
You are familiar with the names and basic characteristics of a number of individual spirits or spirit types that are important to your paradigm.
You are aware of the existence of powerful Celestines that seem to embody the concepts of the Metaphysic Trinity, known to some as the "Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm," though you may know them by other names appropriate to your paradigm.
You have learned that some spirits defy classification in terms of the Metaphysic Trinity.
You are familiar with the concept of the Horizon and understand that Horizon realms are essentially extra-dimensional spaces carved out of it.
You are familiar with the concept of chiminage (however it is expressed in your paradigm), and know enough that you might not be completely cheated when making a pact with a spirit.
You have heard that some of the Night Folk, especially shapeshifters, have ties to the Middle Umbra and can sometimes be found there.
You have heard it said that the Low Umbra is just an unending series of storms when one moves deeper than the Penumbra, with no Near Umbra or Deep Umbra to speak of.

Umbrood Lore 4

You have heard of and know the basic properties of most of the major Umbral realms, and a number of minor or esoteric ones associated with your paradigm.
You are knowledgeable of a wide variety of spirits and types of spirits, their characteristics and where you can expect to find them.
You know that there are connections between the High and Middle Umbra allowing direct travel between, and may have an idea of how to find one.
You have heard rumors of travelers of the High Umbra encountering dangerous mental projections of vampires there.
You may have heard of the Dreaming.
You have heard that it may be possible to project one's consciousness into the Low Umbra by entering a death-like trance.

Umbrood Lore 5

You have significant knowledge of almost every realm of the High and Middle Umbra.
You have intimate knowledge of a great many spirits.
Your name is most likely known among the spirits, for good or ill.
You have heard that there may be secret paths connecting the Middle and High Umbra to the Low Umbra, allowing travel between them.

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