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VtM: Character Creation Steps

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VtM: Character Creation Steps Empty VtM: Character Creation Steps

Post  Storyteller Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:15 am

First, you must get your generation.  PM AST Jim with a request.  We will use the process outlined below to determine your character's generation or rank, and available experience points (XP).
You must have a PC sire to purchase the generation background. If you are playing a childer character, generation point cost is standard. Otherwise, the ST will roll a 100 sided dice, at character creation, and generation is assigned and not purchased.

These rolls will be for the player not the character.

Generation is assigned as listed:
Number Rolled: Generation
01 – 05: 8th
06 – 15: 9th
16 – 39: 10th
40 – 66: 11th
67 – 90: 12th
91 – 100: 13th

Generation is not determinative of unlife experience.  Starting experience points (XP) will be determined by a second roll, on the scale below.  These points are not to be mistaken with Freebie points. These points should be used at creation but a small amount (under 5) can be banked. When spending these points, teachers and learn times do not apply. These are experience points and are to be spent at experience point costs. These points are in addition to the 15 creation freebie points you receive.  When you make your character, you should determine how your experience and your generation/rank interact.  If you are an 8th gen with no experience, I don't want to hear about how you remember the Romans (I don't ever want to hear a character concept that remembers the Romans, but this is illustrative of the point).  If you are a 13th gen with 100 experience, you might have more years on you than some of the elders in the city.  It's all up to your backstory to make these two stats mesh.

Experience points
01 – 05: 100
06 – 15: 80
16 – 39: 60
40 – 66: 40
67 – 90: 20
91 – 100: 0


Once you have your generation, you know the framework you can use to create your character.  In six steps, you will have the character you will play.

Step One: Character Concept
Choose Concept, Nature and Demeanor. Choose Clan

Step Two: Select Attributes
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Attribute categories (6/4/3 for mortals, 7/5/3 for vampires; 5 freebies per dot).  No 5s entering play.

Step Three: Select Abilities
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Ability categories (11/7/4 for mortals, 13/9/5 for vampires; 2 freebies per dot).  No 5s entering play.

Step Four: Select Advantages
Select Backgrounds (5; 1 freebie per dot) and Virtues (7; 2 freebies per dot). Select Disciplines (3; 7 freebies per dot) for vampire characters.  NOTE - You get 5 free dots in Lores at Character Creation.

Step Five: Last Touches
Note your character's Humanity (Conscience + Self-Control) and Willpower (3 for mortals, equal to Courage for vampires; both 1 freebie per dot). Note your character's Blood Pool for vampire characters. Select Merits and Flaws. Spend freebie points (21 for ghouls/mortals, 15 for vampires and Garou).  Please note: new Sabbat are not being accepted already following a Path of Enlightenment

Once you have all of this, send it to AST Jim and the appropriate AST(s), where appropriate.  You're welcome to discuss concepts with the Staff before submitting a character.

Please remember that with great power comes great responsibility - and more expected interaction on the board. If you create a PC that takes over a position of power, your time on the board should increase above the average denizens of the city. So before you start gunning for Prince or Bishop, keep in mind this will be an added commitment to the board, and plan accordingly. Work with staff to iron out details to avoid key PCs being dropped or plot being put on hold while we try and figure out what happened to you.

System for vampire generation was developed by Jack and Liz for Emerald City Reborn www.emeraldcityreborn.com

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VtM: Character Creation Steps Empty Resources

Post  AST Jim Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:12 pm

When constructing and playing your character, the most important books are going to be V20 and the more recently released Lore of the Clans.  Lore of the Clans roughly replaces the respective clanbooks (and rules wise supercedes them), and has a chapter dedicated to each clan.  I cannot recommend everyone obtain this book and read the chapter on their respective clans strongly enough.  While not as in-Depth from a history standpoint, these entries are more valuable when it comes to actually playing a member of said clan, especially for Malkavians, or those clans who are more structured/social rule intensive, such as the Ventrue, Toreador and Tremere.  So I strongly suggest getting your hands on a copy.

Note: please don't ask staff to provide you a free copy of the book (or any other copyrighted materials), and any questions, please post to your Q&C, NOT here.

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