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The Traditions Lore

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The Traditions Lore Empty The Traditions Lore

Post  AST Jim Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:52 am

Tradition Lore

Lore relating to the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions as a whole (analogous to Sect Lores for Kindred).  There is also a separate lore for each individual Tradition (analogous to Clan or Tribe Lore).

Tradition Lore 1-  What an Apprentice knows

The Council of Nine Mystick Traditions is the grand organization that represents all Mages who wish to be free from the oppression of the Technocracy.
You can give the common names of all Nine current Traditions and know basic stereotypes about each.
You know the words of the Protocols and the Rule of Shade.
You know the variations on the common Tradition ranks used by your Tradition.

Tradition Lore 2-  What an Initiate/Student knows

You are familiar with the local leadership of the Traditions.
You have a basic knowledge of the history of the Council of Nine.
You know that the current nine traditions are not the same as the originals, but you are not certain which are originals and which are latecomers (unless you happen to be a part of one of the newer Traditions).
You have a general working knowledge of the other Traditions, moving beyond basic stereotypes.
You have a better understanding of the realities of the Protocols and how they are most commonly applied.
You know the variations on the common Tradition ranks used by the other Traditions.

Tradition Lore 3-  What a Disciple/Scientist knows

You are learning more about the organizational structure of the Traditions as a whole.
You have a more in depth knowledge of the history of the Council of Nine, including about the grand Convocation.
You know the more "correct" names for all the Traditions (Akashayana instead of Akashic brotherhood, Society of Ether instead of Sons of Ether, etc).
You're familiar with the concept of Certamen.
You know that there are various groups, called "Crafts," that are not a part of the Council of Nine, though they are also not a member of the Technocracy or any other opposing faction, choosing to stay uninvolved in the Ascension War.  The wiser crafts end up affiliating themselves with one Tradition or another.

Tradition Lore 4-  What an Adept/Professor knows

You've heard of the Sphinx.
You have a deep knowledge of the history of the Council.
You know the names of most of the major leaders of all nine traditions.
You know the name of every group that was ever a part of the Council of Nine, and the [public] reasons why some of them left.

Tradition Lore 5-  What a Master/Doctor knows

You've heard some of the rumors about events over the last few decades, such as the betrayal of Horizon, and have your own theories on those subjects.

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