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Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:08 am

You are a Scholar of ancient Noddist Lore and mythic History of the Cainite race, from Prehistory to the Modern times. Note that becoming a Noddist scholar could require extensive research and possibly knowledge of Archeology, Anthropoligy, History, Linguistics, Dead Languages and the Occult. Without these and other nessecary skills, the road to knowledge about the elusive text will be exceptionally difficult.

Nod Lore 1 - What the Idly Curious would know

You know that the Cainite creation legend is penned in a text known as ‘The Book of Nod’.
Supposedly written in prehistoric times, the text tells the story of Caine murdering Able, and God casting him out to the Land of Nod as a Vampire, the first of that kind.
You know that the text is held in reverence by some Kindred, and seen as a joke by others.
You certainly don’t own one and accounts about it's contents vary wideley.

Nod Lore 2 - What the Studied would know

You know that the ‘Book of Nod’ has many variations throughout time, and in recent years, so many copies of variable reliability have cropped up, that finding the ‘original’ is impossible.
You have heard from a reasonably reliable source the general contents of the text and know the tales of Caines expulsion, from the first Murder.
You also have heard that in some versions the the book also contains notes at it’s end from the Founders of the Clans, to their Children.

Nod Lore 3 - What the Dilligent Researcher would discover

From further studies, you can name many other academics of the subject.
You have observed more than one copy of the book, and have compared the texts.
You know for certain that parts of the commonly known ‘Book of Nod’ have had to have been written at some later date than proclaimed by the book.
You can see now, the glaring ‘patches’ in the book, and know that almost every copy in existence must therefore be false in some way. And yet, you believe that somewhere there must be a real copy from these fakes to have been spawned from.
You have researched the book’s historical origins, and know various claims of origin for the book, from Scandinavia, to Israel, but none with any authenticity.
You have begin to hear whispers of cults of vampires who venerate the words of the Book of Nod.

Nod Lore 4 - What a Noted Scholar would suspect

Your studies into the ‘Book of Nod’ are comprehensive, spanning historical, spiritual and philosophical aspects of it’s history.
You own what you believe to be a reasonably complete copy, and have studied many more.
You have researched it’s words, and although you know many cannot have come from the time of Nod, some have an alarming degree of truth to them.
You have in particular, noticed the alarming signs of Gehenna approaching rapidly, as described by the Book.
You know that an accompanying book exists, the ‘Book of Lilith’, a supposed text regarding Lilith, Caine’s mentor and her fall from Grace. You hear rumor that this book contains much information omitted from the ‘Book of Nod’.
You also know that Cults exist, following both the ‘Book of Nod’, and the ‘Book of Lilith’, believing zealously in their teachings.
You have most likeley come into contact with one or more of these cults, and may even have been asked to join one.
You’ve learned of the existance of a collection of tales and prophecies called ‘The Erciyes Fragments’. Apparently, this book exists as the forerunner to both ‘The Book of Nod’ and ‘The Book of Lilith’. It seems to be the original book, predating both. But you cannot find this sacred text.
You have laid your hands on at least one authentic page from the 'real' book, without knowing it. Since that time, you have felt an indescribable forboding overhanging your research.
You have a tendency to become distant to your allies and associates, fearing that they may tell someone of your research.
You know that the ‘Book of Nod’ contains only a snippet of information available within this tome, apparently, the information allowed to pass down to Neonates from Elders, to try and keep control on how much information is available to them.
You believe that Elder or even older Kindred have altered many copies of the text to try to diseminate their philosophy amoungst younger Kindred. You suspect that agents of some of these elders may now be keeping tabs on you and paying close attention to your work.

Nod Lore 5 - What a Master Librarian is afraid of

You have a comprehensive knowledge of the ‘Book of Nod’. So much so, that you discount much of it’s teachings as bias, or pure fiction. By now you can pick up almost every false word and half truth within the ‘Book of Nod’, and there are many. So many that the lines blur many times over.
You, by now, own many copies of the text, and have seen many more. Each different, each as verifiable as the next.
You have studied the Cults surrounding both texts, and have discovered some alarming similarities. And confirmed the existance of a further text, the original ‘Book of Nod’.
You have also researched into it’s history, and have come to the conclusion, that the original is probably Middle Eastern in origin, but you cannot be too certain.
You have noticed many of the Signs of Gehenna mentioned in the text, and begin to take them at face value, often finding it difficult to stop yourself from expressing incredulity when others profess not to see the obvious end of all things.
Your dreams contain endless cascades of fals words and lying letters in a multitude of dead languages falling in upon you, or vague and terrifying flashes of the stories in the book of Nod coming to pass, and you awake feeling as if someone has been watching you.
You believe that one or more of the Ancient Kindred mentioned in the Prophecies of Gehenna, are keeping a control on how much information is distributed. You sometimes believe you can feel their presence watching you. You have suffered many threats from the agents of Elders to discontinue your research, and upon refusal have most likeley suffered worse.
Many of your close associates and allies may have also asked you to stop your research, out of worry for your safety and sanity, thus confirming your suspicians that they are being controlled by forces set out to destroy your research. Indeed, to spare them the horrors of the coming apocalypse, you consider that it may be better to end their suffering now, especially if they too are involved in researching the book.
You know how and where, to lay your hands on many different copies of the ‘Book of Nod’ and a few copies of the 'Book of Lilith’. You have compared and contrasted both books, and believe that you can now pick up almost every similarity, to the point where you believe that you can have a fair guess at what ‘The Erciyes Fragments’ contain. You have even lain your hands on a few of the fabled Fragments.
You believe you have knowledge of the true words of Caine. You know of his words to the First of his Childer. You know of Lilith, and of the murder of Able. You believe you know of the true words of God, and Caine's visions of the future.
You know of the certainty of the coming of Gehenna. You know of all of it’s coming’s signs, and know for certain, that the End Times have begun. You have possibly contributed to at least one copy of the ‘Book of Nod’ in circulaton, and know many, many scholars of it’s content.
Society is based on or guided by Noddist scriptures. So much so, that you believe certain Clans, or even the Camarilla itself has been founded on such teachings. You may even be a part of one of these cults.
You are certain that the knowledge that you have will most certainly be your undoing, and you wait in fear for the inevitable End, uncertain as to which direction it will come from.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

Storytellers, by the very act of telling, communicate a radical learning that changes lives and the world: telling stories is a universally accessible means through which people make meaning.
-Chris Cavanaugh

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