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Technocratic Union Lore

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Technocratic Union Lore Empty Technocratic Union Lore

Post  AST Jim Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:53 am

Technocracy Lore

Lore relating to the Technocratic Union as a whole (analogous to Sect Lores for Kindred).  There is also a separate lore for each individual Convention (analogous to Clan or Tribe Lore).  Note that this version of the Lore is primarily intended for non-Technocrats.  In the event that Technocrat PCs are allowed at some point in time, a new version of this lore will be written for them.

Technocracy Lore 1-  What most Mages know

You are aware that the Technocracy exists.
The Technocracy is an organization of techno-mages that seek to control the world.  Or maybe they already do.
They view all other mages as "deviant" and treat them with hostility.

Technocracy Lore 2-  What informed Mages know

The Technocracy is more properly known as the "Technocratic Union," and they have been around for a long time.
You've heard that they do not consider themselves to be Mages, even though they work magick.  That can't be right, though.
The Technocracy is composed of about half a dozen Conventions with different specialties.  You may know the names of one or two of them.
The Technocracy attempts to influence or control governments, media, businesses, industries and other sleeper institutions around the world.  And they're really good at it.

Technocracy Lore 3-  What well informed Mages know

The Technocratic Union was originally known as the Order of Reason, and they've been around since the fourteenth century.
You can name all five conventions and have a basic understanding of their purposes.
It's true, they don't think of themselves as Mages, but rather as "Enlightened Scientists," whatever the hell that means.
You have heard that the Technocratic paradigm has different interpretations of some of the spheres.
You've heard some mages whisper in dreaded tones about HIT Marks, but you're not certain what the term refers to- only that it's dangerous.

Technocracy Lore 4-  What suspiciously well informed Mages know

You know of the Precepts of Damian, and the seemingly laudable goals on which the Technocracy was founded.
The so-called "reality deviants" that the Technocracy fights are not limited to just Mages, but include any supernatural individuals or elements in the world.
You're aware of some of the ways technocratic spheres like Data, Primal Utility or Dimensional Science differ from their mystick counterparts.
You know that HIT Marks are magic-resistant androids sent to destroy reality deviants like yourself- and you know enough about how dangerous they are to be appropriately afraid of them.
You know that the Conventions are further sub-divided into Methodologies, and can name some of the more active ones in your region or sphere of influence.
You've heard that Technocrats are in denial about the existence of Avatars, instead referring to the "Genius" of their Enlightenment allowing them to use "Enlightened Procedures."

Technocracy Lore 5-  You know too much

You have heard that the leadership of the Technocracy are actually called the Inner Circle.
Based on what you know of their paradigm, you suspect that even the most enlightened Technocrat will never transcend the need for foci.
You have heard rumors of factions within the Technocracy that preach moderation and a turning away from their manipulative, world-dominating status quo.

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