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Post  AST Jim Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:18 am

Garou Lore 1 - What a cub would know

You may be kin, you may have grown up on the sept or just been brought in after your first change
The term "Garou" actually means something to you
You are learning about Gaia and the Triad
You have been told of the Umbra, the spirit world
You know that there are various tribes of Garou, the three breeds, and the five auspices
You may have heard the Litany recited once
You know of the Delirium and it's affects on those who aren't kin

Garou Lore 2 - What a new Cliath would know

You know of the thirteen tribes (basic W20 writeups)
You have been to the Umbra, and have met and interacted with spirits
You understand the Litany, and (at least) your tribe's interpretations of it
You know of the rites and gifts granted to Gaia's warriors
You know of the war against the Wyrm, and some of the manifestations of it's minions
You have been to a caern, possibly even residing there now
You have heard rumor there used to be more tribes, and that there may be a tribe serving the Wyrm
You have heard of the Ronin, tribeless Garou forced into exile in their shame
You know of Pentex and it's role in serving the Wyrm

Garou Lore 3 - What your seasoned Garou knows

You know of some of the Fera, and of the War of Rage, though you may not have actually met any
You know the stories of the Impergium and the role the Garou played
You know the creation stories of the Garou
You have fought minions of the Wyrm on many occasions
You know the war against the Wyrm isn't going well, and the Apocalypse seems to be nigh
You know of the three fallen tribes - Bunyip, Croatoan and White Howlers - and know for sure the existence of the Black Spiral Dancers
You know many of Pentex's subsidiaries
You have a familiarity of many of the different interpretations of the Litany
You have heard a verse or two from the Silver Record

Garou Lore 4 - What elders of the Garou know

Not only have you met Fera, but you likely know which have died out and which in fact still walk the earth
You know there exists a profane ritual which can allow a kin to become Garou, at the cost of Garou lives.  
You've heard rumor that those who have undergone this ritual have formed a tribe of sorts called the Skin Walkers.
You can name almost all of Pentex's significant subsidiaries
You know many of the rites of the Garou Nation, have performed many, and are a wealth of knowledge
You have an idea of the dark secrets of some other tribes (besides your own), though these are only suspicions
You can recite segments of the Silver Record, and maybe even have added a verse or two

Garou Lore 5 - Your knowledge is Legendary

You have memorized all but the most obscure passages of the Silver Record
You are intricately familiar with the creation stories of all of the tribes.
You know the stories of the Apocalypse and can recognize it's signs
Garou travel from all over for a chance to meet you, and your destiny as a great Ancestor is assured

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