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Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:13 am

You have learned of the world of Ghosts, and have researched into their nature. ((This Lore is representative of knowledge available to Non-Necromancer characters, about the Wraith race)).

Ghost Lore 1 - What a Student would know

You know of the existence of a World beyond this one, inhabited by Ghosts.
You know ghosts always live in haunted houses and wear clanking chains.
You know that they are insubstantial in this World, and can never affect it.
You know ghosts often hang around haunted houses.

Ghost Lore 2 - What a Paranormal Studies graduate would know

You have learned a little more of the dead.
You know that not all Spirits return to the afterlife. Only those with great issues to deal with return, and then not always.
You’ve probably spoken to one or more Ghosts by now.
You know now that their Society is called the Hierarchy.
You know that they live in ‘Necropolis’, alternative versions of ‘real world’ cities, in the land of the Dead.

Ghost Lore 3 - What a professional ghost hunter would know
You have learned that the ‘Shadowlands’ or lands of the Dead, represent the World of the Dead.
All that has decayed and been destroyed here, that had great meaning in this world, reappears there.
You know that Wraiths can be harmed by real world objects moving through their Ethereal bodies.
You also know that they have formed themselves into ‘Guilds’, groups of Ghosts, or ‘Wraiths’ who follow the same ideals.
You also know of corrupted Wraiths called ‘Spectres’ who make it their lives to attack and destroy other Wraiths.

Ghost Lore 4 - What an Arcanum Scholar would knowYou have learned much more of the Dead by now.
You know of Charon, their great Leader.
You know that the ‘Hierarchy’ holds control only over few of the Wraiths, with many shunning control as ‘Heretics’ or ‘Renegades’.
You know Religious belief is a strong power within the lands of the Dead, and those of the same beliefs often flock together.
You know that some Wraiths posses the power to alter things in this World, and even enter here for short periods of time.
You know that there are many different types of ‘Spectre’ who are born in a dark maelstrom called ‘The Tempest’.
You now know that Wraiths are bound to items or people within this World, that they call Fetters.

Ghost Lore 5 - What a true Medium would be haunted by

You have gained much knowledge of the lands of the Dead by now.
You know that ‘Spectres’ are controlled by ancient evil’s called Malfeans that exist only in the lands of the Dead.
You know that the Hierarchy await the resurrection of Charon.
You have heard that Vampires have the abilities to enter the lands of the Dead for short periods of time.
You have discovered that Guilds of Wraiths once existed, but were mostly swept away by a great storm that shook the Shadowlands.
You know the Wraith central city was called ‘Stygia’ and did not have a Real World counterpart before it was destroyed by the Maelstrom.
You know the Wraith’s ‘Fetters’, are items or people important to them in their lives, and act as points of rest and recuperation to these Ghosts.
The Shadowlands call to you, and you may feel compelled to join them.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

Storytellers, by the very act of telling, communicate a radical learning that changes lives and the world: telling stories is a universally accessible means through which people make meaning.
-Chris Cavanaugh

"Every time I try to talk to someone it's 'sorry this' and 'forgive me that' and 'I'm not worthy'..."
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