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Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:14 am

Under most circumstances, only Necromancers may learn this Lore. For non-Necromancer characters, see Ghost Lore

Wraith Lore 1: What the Newly Reaped would know

Basic understanding of the necessities (Pathos) and the banes (Shadow, Angst) of a Wraith's existence
The Lady of Fate came unto the Shadowlands; Then came Charon.
Your death marked you
Leaders often say that they are owed loyalty due to the deathmarks of thosein their charge
Some say Restless war among themselves, for various reasons
Rough knowledge of those factions they most commonly encounter
Some say the world will come to an end when Oblivion seeps forth from below--yah right, whatever . . .
Know many common Wraith specific terms.
Have heard rumors there were once Guilds...

Wraith Lore 2 - What new Wraiths know

Knows of the existence of the Hierarchy, Heretics, and Renegade factions.
Knows of Spectres
Has heard the rumor that Legions war against each other through their troops, and this may or may not be believed
May have heard a few scraps of prophesy either about the Time of Darkness or the rise of Charon from the records of the Hierarchy. Probably hasn't read anything though
Understands the Shadow, Harrowing
Can give short descriptions (equal to the descriptions in Oblivion) for 2-3 Guilds
May have heard vague rumors about something called Transcendance.

Wraith Lore 3 - What established Restless know

Can name the 13 Guilds and knows the W:TO descriptions
Has a basic understanding of the 13 primary Arcanoi (Argos, Castigate, Embody, Fatalism,, Inhabit, Keening, Lifeweb, Moliate, Outrage, Pandemonium, Puppetry, and Usery)--think general overview but not detailed W:TO write-ups
Can identify the markings of these Arcanoi
May have heard rumors about one of the rare guilds and their Arcanoi (Flux, Intimation, Mnemosynis)
Knows several of the legends of the Far Shaores or Ferrymen
Has a rough knowledge of major events in Restless History, such as the Maelstroms, Stygia, Breaking of the Guilds; Can recognize names of many major Hierarchs currently active and make a guess as to what Necropolis they live in; knows all of W : TO p. 4-11 as fact.
Knows many of the old terms and their meanings
Has heard rumors of the motives of the Ferrymen
May know something about Transcendance;

Wraith Lore 4 - What a well-travelled Wraith knows

Can name many Deathlords and many of the major Malfeans-- may know some vague legends about them
Knows many of the legends of the First Days and the Signs of Doomsday; Has a vague understanding of what the Ferrymen are
Knowledge of a few of the Guild secret powers available in the 13 Guild Arcanoi --again think general description not detailed write-ups.
Knows the Dictum Mortuum

Wraith Lore 5 - What the Anarcreons Keep to Themselves

Detailed knowledge of Stygian history (this knowledge will likely be slanted from the Wraith's own faction)
Basic knowledge of the Dark Arcanoi
Know the legends surrounding the Malfeans
Knows many of the common interpretations of the First Times and Signs of Domesday; Can see the hidden meanings in day-to-day Stygian politics.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

Storytellers, by the very act of telling, communicate a radical learning that changes lives and the world: telling stories is a universally accessible means through which people make meaning.
-Chris Cavanaugh

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