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Camarilla Lore (an Outsider's Perspective)

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Camarilla Lore (an Outsider's Perspective) Empty Camarilla Lore (an Outsider's Perspective)

Post  AST Jim on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:57 am

Camarilla Lore 1: What an unreleased childe would know

A secret society of vampires exist, which was created after the Inquisition to keep vampires a secret from the mortal world.
It's members are all pawns, willing or otherwise, of the eldest among them.
Camarilla society is a cesspool of intrigue and backstabbing.

Camarilla Lore 2: What a newly fledgeling would know

You have some experience with the members of the Camarilla.
You have heard that there is a movement within the Camarilla called the Anarchs, the unruly teens of the sect.
They believe in a system of royalty for the elders to rule over the younger.
You know that basic freedoms, such as embracing, are controlled by the Camarilla's rulers.

Camarilla Lore 3: What an experienced Cainite would know

You've heard of the Traditions, the rules imposed on young Cainites by their elders.  
You have some understanding of the Camarilla's system of Prestation.
You have some familiarity with the various offices in Camarilla domains.
You know that the Camarilla does not believe in Gehenna or the looming threat of the Antediluvians.  

Camarilla Lore 4: What a Scholar would know

You know that the leaders of the Camarilla employ an order of soldiers called Archons who owe no ties to individual Camarilla cities.  
You know the Seven Pillars of the Camarilla have recently been reduced to Six, with the bulk of Clan Gangrel declaring independence.  
You have likely developed some infamy among the members of the local Camarilla.  
You have a reasonably clear understanding of the Camarilla's formal hierarchy.

Camarilla Lore 5: What an Elder would know

You know as much about the Camarilla as it's average members.
You've learned the basics in tracking the machinations of the Camarilla and it's elders, and their endless games of Jyhad.
You know that the Camarilla's position on Gehenna and the Antidiluvians is based as much in fear as true disbelief, as some of it's eldest members know those who may have seen these ancient beings.  
Your infamy has likely earned you the enmity of the local Camarilla prince, who may well have declared a Blood Hunt against you.

Si vis pace, para bellum - "If you seek peace, prepare for war."
~Roman proverb

"For the night is dark, and full of terrors."
~Melisandre, A Song of Ice and Fire

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