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Sabbat Lore (an Outsider's Perspective)

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Sabbat Lore (an Outsider's Perspective) Empty Sabbat Lore (an Outsider's Perspective)

Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:06 am

Sabbat Lore 1 - What most Kindred know

You know the Sabbat exist.
They are a Society of Vampires formed some time in the past, in opposition to the Camarilla, designed to bring about it’s downfall.
Sabbt have all completely fallen to their beasts.
You know that Sabbat members organise themselves into Packs, lead by a Sabbat member, who guides the cells of Vampires in their attacks.
You know many of them participate in demonic rituals to bolster their courage.
You know that the Sabbat contains members of all of the Camarilla Clans, calling themselves ‘Antitribu’ or Anti Clans, lead by the exclusivley Sabbat Clans of Lasombra and Tzimisce.

Sabbat Lore 2 - What an informed Kindred would know:

You have a little more understanding of the Sabbat.
You may have seen or fought them once or twice, or heard sketchy second hand reports of thier actions.
You know that a heirarchy exists, following much the same form as the Papal Heirarchy, from Regent and Cardinal, to Priest.
You also may know of local Sabbat members, but have no reliable knowledge of their movements.
You know that Sabbat are ‘recruited’ by burying the victim after embrace, and awaiting their escape and the reason behind the slang 'shovelheads'.

Sabbat Lore 3 - What a successful Sabbat hunter would know

You have heard of the Vaulderie, the ritual of shard blood that ties Sabbat packs together.
You may have heard of a few basic rituals of the Sabbat.
You have some idea about local Sabbat movements, and have participated in at least one raid against them in the past.
You also know that the Sabbat was created at the Signing of ‘The Convention of Thorns’, a document that ended the Anarch Revolt, and laid the foundations for the formation of the Sabbat.
You have a reasonable knowledge of Sabbat pack tactics, and have a decent chance to tell the difference between the clans of the Sabbat.

Sabbat Lore 4 - What an Elder with decades of experience would know

You have Heard of the Black Hand, and know that they are the elite of the Sabbat ranks.
You know that many Sabbat are not only not mindless beasts, but cunning and devious combatants.
You know that Tzimice sometimes craft disgusting creatures out of flesh to use in raids, called Schlacta, and have heard of fearsome creatures called Vozd.
You have heard of at least one Path of Enlightenment.
You know that the Sabbat contains many Clans that have developed differently from their Camarilla counterparts.
You know that the Malkavians practice a Discipline called ‘Dementation’, the Gangrel have a bloodline known as ‘City Gangrel’ who have the power of Obfuscate, and many other variations that occur with in the ranks.
You have gained a slight reputation among the Sabbat as one to watch out for.
You have a reasonably clear understanding of the local higerarchy of the Sabbat, who leads it and what they are capable of.

Sabbat Lore 5 - Are you sure you're not Sabbat?

You know as much about the Sabbat as most average members of the Sabbat, and are feared amoungst it’s ranks.
You know how to track and anticipate some local movements within the Sabbat, and of the packs in the surrounding area.
Sabbat involved in co-ordinating the Sabbat raids in your area do so specifically with your movements in mind.
You have heard of the ‘The Inquisition’, and have reason to believe that they monitor for unrest within the Sabbat.
You know that most Sabbat despize the demonic.
You have heard whispers that recently, a new Clan has joined the Sabbat.
You have learned of a Sabbat text, that supposedly espouses a code of conduct for the Sabbat, but have never heard it's contents.
You have personally fought and killed many Sabbat, and are sought out for your knowledge on the matter within your domain.
You know how the Vaulderie is performed, and have seen it done, if not taken part in one yourself.
Because of your knowledge, powerful Sabbat Elders have orders to convert you, or use every resource to destroy you on sight.
Because of your knowledge you are distrusted by Elders among the Camarilla, who are most likely watching you for any sign that you might be a spy.

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

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