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Sabbat Lore (an Insider's Perspective)

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Sabbat Lore (an Insider's Perspective) Empty Sabbat Lore (an Insider's Perspective)

Post  AST Jim on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:37 am

Sabbat Lore 1 - What any surviving shovelhead would know

The Sabbat is a society of vampires that is the successor to the Anarch Revolt.
You know the Sabbat is also known as the "Sword of Caine", though the reasons for that are not clear.
You know the powers and responsibilities of the various positions within the Sabbat leadership.
You know your fellows believe that Cainites are superior to humanity, and are not meant to hide among them.
Vampires refer to themselves as "Cainites" due to their all being descended from Caine.

Sabbat Lore 2 - What all True Sabbat should know

You know of the Sabbat's enemy, the Camarilla, an organization of vampires dedicated to oppressing the young and maintaining the power of their elders.
You know that while the Sabbat does not adhere to the Camarilla's Masquerade, practical concerns require that efforts to conceal themselves from the kine are required.  
You know the Cardinal who has jurisdiction where you reside, the local Archbishop, if htere is one, and any presiding Bishops.
You have heard of the Black Hand, an elite military force.
You've seen that most who live the stereotypical Sabbat lifestyle soon succumb to their Beasts even as they go through the necessary process of stripping their Humanity.
You know the key to survival through the years is adoption of a Path.

Sabbat Lore 3 - What a veteran Sabbat knows

You know the basic history of the Sabbat and it's member bloodlines.  
You are familiar with the Code of Milan and it's tenants.  
You're familiar with the stories of Gehenna, and the Sword's role as the army of Caine in it's coming.
You know that while they claim neutrality, the Giovanni's interests align more with the Camarilla.  
You know the Setites have animosity toward the Sabbat due to it's acceptance of the Serpents of Light.
You know the Ravnos antitribu are among their last, surviving the Week of Nightmares only due to the protection of the Vaulderie
You know the bulk of the Black Hand's members belong to the Gangrel bloodlines or the Assamite antitribu.  
You have participated in more than one action against the Camarilla.
You know of the Inquisition, and it's crusade against the infernal.
You know the stories of the destruction of the Lasombra and Tzimisce antediluvians

Sabbat Lore 4 - What a elder Sabbat would know

You have a familiarity with the Book of Nod beyond the basics.
You can likely navigate among Archbishops, Prisci and Inquisitors without false steps.
You have participated in many auctoritas ritae, possibly before the local Cardinal.
You may know one or more Prisci or high ranking members of the Black Hand.
You are familiar with the rivalry between the Black Hand and the Inquisition.

Sabbat Lore 5 - You were in Milan, weren't you?

You have detailed knowledge of the Sabbat, it's workings, leadership and history.
You likely make periodic trips to Mexico City to confer with the highest rungs of Sabbat leadership.  
You've likely at least read a "complete" copy of the Book of Nod
You have knowledge of the shadow war which the Black Hand wages, and the Inquisition's suspicions regarding the Black Hand's leadership.
You've heard rumors of the suspicions and theories concerning the destruction of the Lasombra and Tzimisce clan founders.
You have met, and are known to, many of the pillars of the Sabbat

Si vis pace, para bellum - "If you seek peace, prepare for war."
~Roman proverb

"For the night is dark, and full of terrors."
~Melisandre, A Song of Ice and Fire

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