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Vampire Lore (for non-vampires)

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Vampire Lore (for non-vampires) Empty Vampire Lore (for non-vampires)

Post  AST Jim on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:55 am

Vampire Lore 1 - What a vampire buff would know

You have watched many movies and read many books on vampires.  
You are familiar with many different paradigms of vampire lore, and can generally recognize the consistencies between them.
You may even know the historical backgrounds behind some lore.
Funny how much is out there, isn't it?

Vampire Lore 2 - All these stories must come from somewhere, right?

You're starting to think vampires might actually exist.  
You have no real idea of what lore is true and what is fantasy, but they sure don't sparkle
You saw someone, this one time, who just seemed off.  Maybe a little pale.  I wonder......
Vampires definitely drink blood.  Maybe there's something to that sunlight thing too?

Vampire Lore 3 - Shit, there are things in the night!

You may have witnessed a vampire feeding, doing something that shouldn't be possible, what have you.  You seem to have gotten away without notice, but fuuuuuuck
Vampires definitely don't like the sun.  It burns them like a bitch
Stakes kill vampires, right?
Garlic, crosses, running water...start figuring out where you can find all these things easily
Maybe that whole "don't invite them in" thing works?

Vampire Lore 4 - I'm in deep shit

God damn, not only are vampires real, but they really do have networks among humanity.  That must be why no one believes they're out there!
They can use their blood to make people slaves.  But it seems like it makes them real strong and stay young, too
Ok, stakes don't kill vampires, but they do paralyze them.
So, turns out garlic, crosses and running water affects some of them, and other's couldn't care less.
There is some sort of vampire society out there.  Can't let them know what we know!
You've seen vampires show some insane powers.

Vampire Lore 5 - Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

Vampires can do all sorts of things, so you never really know what you're going to get
They have Biblical ties, supposedly to Caine and Abel.  That could mean all sorts of things.
They really don't like normal people knowing they're out there.  Something about the Inquisition
There might be more than one vampire society, and they don't like each other
Some vampires are all about hiding from humans.  Others make the Lost Boys seem like a nice alternative
I think they know about me....

Si vis pace, para bellum - "If you seek peace, prepare for war."
~Roman proverb

"For the night is dark, and full of terrors."
~Melisandre, A Song of Ice and Fire

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