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Post  AST Jim Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:52 am

Mage Lore

Please note that this is the "insider" lore for Mages and those associated with them.  For an outsider's perspective, see Wizard Lore.

Mage Lore 1-  What the Newly Awakened would know

You are aware of the existence of Avatars (including your own), and they they are what allows a Mage to utilize Magick.
You know there is a special kind of energy or element that can fuel magick called "Quintessence," but you are ignorant of most of its properties beyond the fact that your Avatar can help you channel it.
You have a basic understanding of the dangers of paradox backlash.
You know the basic concepts of coincidental and vulgar magick, and that coincidental magick is safer and vulgar magick causes paradox, but you are not always sure where the line is drawn.
You know that all mages need tools and techniques to channel and use their magick.
You know the names of the Nine Traditions (if you are a Council Mage), the Five Conventions (if you are a Technocrat) or the most common Crafts in your area (if you are a Disparate or independent).
You sometimes pronounce "Arete" as "Ay-reet," causing all other Mages within earshot to wince and shake their heads.

Mage Lore 2-  What a new Mage most likely knows

You have a basic understanding of the concept of "awakening" or "enlightenment," and how it pertains to your avatar and your ability to utilize magick.
You are aware of the nine spheres (however they may be defined by your particular group) and what they represent.
The concept of the Metaphysic Trinity (Dynamism, Stasis and Entropy) has been explained to you, and you can see the interplay of these forces in the world.
You know that there are four different Essences with which Avatars are aligned, and that these essences can flavor both a Mage's personality and magick.
You are familiar with Nodes as a source for Quintessence, and the existence of a solid form of Quintessence called "Tass."
You have a basic understanding of the nature of Arete and its role in your ability to understand and use greater magick, including the concept of "seekings" to increase that understanding.  More importantly, you know how to pronounce Arete.
You can give basic descriptions of the Traditions/Conventions/Crafts of your faction.
You have heard of the Ascension War, and are aware of the existence of the other major faction in opposition to your own (Technocracy for Tradition mages, or vice versa).
You have a deeper understanding of Paradox and are familiar with the concept of consensual reality.  You know that the definition of vulgar magick can change based on the local consensus.
You are aware that every mage has their own paradigm, and with the basic properties of paradigms.

Mage Lore 3-  What an experienced Mage should know

You have a more nuanced understanding of the Spheres and have a better idea of what they can do, especially in combination with each other.
You have a basic idea of the recent history of your faction.
You are familiar with some of the more locally active Traditions and/or Conventions of your rival faction.
You know the basic nature of the Ascension War, and are aware that the Technocracy have declared victory.
There are rumors of darker powers, mad Marauders that warp reality with their presence and vile Nephandi that used to be a great danger before the majority of their number were banished from the world.
You are aware that there are other supernatural beings in the world, most of them dangerous.
You have heard more about the dangers of Paradox, including careless mages disappearing into "paradox realms," sometimes never to return, or falling into coma-like states known as "quiets."
You know there are lesser practitioners of "static magic" or "hedge magic" that have power within the framework of consensual reality, but who are not truly awakened and cannot use True Magick.
You have heard of Gilgul, the ultimate punishment for a Mage who has committed great crimes.

Mage Lore 4-  What an adept Mage had better know

You are familiar with the concept of the "Tenth Sphere."
You know that the most advanced Mages can eventually eschew foci altogether.
You have a more in depth knowledge of the history of your faction, including certain Traditions or Conventions that were once a part of it and are no longer.
You have a passing familiarity with many sub-groups of traditions and conventions, such as hermetic Houses and Convention Methodologies.
You are familiar with the basic mechanics of paradox realms and quiets.
You have a working knowledge of the politics of your faction, and some of the secrets of your tradition, craft or convention.
You know that other supernatural creatures are considered "awakened" for the purposes of witnessing magick and, although they do not actually use True Magick themselves, some are said to have a way to resist it.

Mage Lore 5-  What a master Mage must know

Come to think of it, you have your own ideas about the Tenth Sphere.
Maybe the Nephandi aren't quite as gone as everyone thinks...

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