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Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:00 pm

We will be using the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller for all dice rolls. If you handle any rolls we ask that you also use this roller, and PM a copy of the results to Storyteller. If this last bit isn't done, your scene may come to a screeching halt.

Sometimes waiting around for the Storyteller can stall a scene. If a Storyteller is not available to adjudicate a roll than some rolls are permitted to be done by the players. If all players involved agree*, than the following challenges may be done by players individually. You will be required to send the roll to the ST, please do not post roll results in threads. If you want to perform something and have it remain unknown then you can pause the scene and request the roll from the ST.

All serious combat and most discipline rolls are required to be performed by the Storyteller.

Player Allowed Rolls:
Lying/Discerning a lie
Performance Checks
Manipulation/Resisting Manipulation
Aura Perception
Mask of 1000
Toreador clan flaw entrancement
Combat when neither party intends to do extensive damage, stake or torpor their opponent. Cinematic resolution is recommended
Generic non-combat, non-supernatural power type rolls (if you're not sure, ask the ST(s) and we'll let you know if you can do it in the future.)

Any botches *must* be run by the ST(s) and we *must* be the one who assigns botch results.

If at any time you wish to see your roll, all you have to do is ask (rolls are kept for a reasonable amount of time). There are some rolls that are meant to be kept secret even for the person performing the deed and in that the results of these rolls will not be shared. You may not request the roll for another person's challenge, but you may request the successes.

*In order for you to roll something on your own, you must PM the Storyteller with the roll, and the other player must PM saying he/she is ok with it. I won't go looking for this information, and if it is lacking, I will re-roll. Talk to your fellow players!

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Dice Rolling Empty Re: Dice Rolling

Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:05 pm

Not everything needs to be rolled. You should allow common sense to be your guide in determining whether you should roll for something, or whether you can assume success. However, here is a list of rolls that we require:

Crafting something - Why? Because the level of craft needs to be known, as it may add something to the piece you are crafting. Additionally, an entire clan's clan flaw is based off of the level of a crafted item (as well as other things).

Performances- Why? Because there are pressures associated with performing and the level of a performance is needed. Additionally, an entire clan's clan flaw is based off of the level of a performance. Please note, practicing and performing are 2 different things.

Discipline Use: Why? Because those are the rules straight out of the book. If a roll is required by the book, then one must be done.

Any Merits or Flaws that specifically state a roll is required - Why? Because, again, the rules.

A Frenzy Check - Unlike in MET, you can not simply burn a will power to avoid Frenzy. The Beast has different stimulus and the system has a set system to determine if a kindred frenzies at a stimulus.

Virtue Tests - Be it a humanity check, self-control, courage or conscience check - this is a by the book system that requires a roll.

Any other questions about rolls? Shoot the Storyteller a message.

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