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Post  Storyteller on Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:01 am

Hey folks. I am interested in the numbers of supernats that exist in the now-Judged World of Darkness, since all the info that is ever going to come out has come out. This was started in the beginning of October 2006, so all numbers are based on approximately 6.5 billion human beings existing on the planet.

The following is a result of a massive commitment on my part to gathering numbers and opinions from people in Shadow n Essence, ex Libris Nocturnis, as well as other random internet scourings. Of course, I use canonical text first and foremost.

When there is no canon information, I have compiled people's personal opinions on percentages and merged them together to get an average breakdown, to reflect as many people's thoughts as possible. I only tweak the numbers from there if I need to make them relate to other gathered data (most notably adjusting Worldwide Kindred populations to reflect forumites' Sect make-up opinions).


KEY: Canonically Verified, Logically Extrapolated, Reasonably Estimated, Arbitrarily Speculated, Tentatively Inserted

I. HUMANS- 6.5 billion(% of world total)
---A. Asia*- 3,879,000,000(60%)
------1. East Asia (China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc)- 1,978,000,000 (30.6%)
------2. Southern Asia (India, Bangladesh, etc.)- 1,590,000,000 (24.6%)
------3. Northern Asia (Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.)- 116,000,000 (1.8%)
------4. Western Asia (Middle East: Iran, Georgia, Jordan, etc.)- 193,000,000 (3%)
---B. Africa- 877,500,000 (13.5%)
---C. Europe- 727,000,000 (11%)
---D. North America- 501,500,000 (8%)
---E. South America- 379,500,000 (6%)
---F. Australia/Oceania- 32,000,000 (.5%)
---G. Antarctica- 0 (0%)

Ib. HUMANS by WILLPOWER and how they react to seeing most monsters
---WP 1- Catatonic Fear- 10% (collapse, become useless)
---WP 2- Panic- 20% (run away blindly, even through windows 30 stories up)
---WP 3- Disbelief- 18% (assumes they've gone mad, attribute to ANYTHING else)
---WP 4- Berserk- 15% (must cause damage to something)
---WP 5- Terror- 13% (run away, but rationally, starting cars, opening doors, etc.)
---WP 6- Conciliatory- 10% (scared, but some rationale, willing to beg and plead)
---WP 7- Controlled Fear- 7% (scared, but outwardly calm. will act in best interests)
---WP 8- Curiosity- 5% (cautiously fascinated, but want to know more. DANGER!)
---WP 9- Bloodlust/Righteous Anger- 1.5% (wrath, aggression, antagonism, not fear)
---WP 10- No Reaction/Blase- 0.5% (absolutely no reaction, acts normally)

II. KINDRED- 43,000 (1:100,000 including kuei-jin... 1:50,000 excluding the Orient and Africa)
---A. Major Bloodlines
------1. Brujah – 5600 (13%)
------2. Malkavian – 3200 (7.5%)
------3. Nosferatu – 4700 (11%)
------4. Toreador – 4700 (11%)
------5. Tremere – 2600 (6%)
------6. Ventrue - 3200 (7.5%)
------7. Lasombra – 3000 (7%)
------8. Tzimisce - 1700 (4%)
------9. Assamite - 1300 (3%)
------10. Followers of Set – 1700 (4%)
------11. Gangrel – 3400 (8%)
------12. Giovanni – 900 (2%)
------13. Ravnos** (outside of India) – 900(2%) /260-350 after Week of Nightmares
---B. Minor Bloodlines/Other – 900 (2%)
------1. Ahrimanes, Baali, 2. Blood Brothers, 3. Cappadocians, 4. Children of Osiris, 5. City Gangrel, 6. Daughters of Cacophany, 7. Gargoyles, 8. Harbingers of Skulls, 9. Ishtarri, 10. Kiasyd, 11. Mariner Gangrel, 12. Nagaraja, 13. Salubri, 14. Samedi, 15. Tlacique
---C. Ebony Kingdom (Laibon)- 8,000ish (1 in 110,000 africans, avg. of Western to Eastern kindred ratios)
------1. Akunanse
------2. Followers of Set
------3. Guruhi
------4. Ishtarri
------5. Kinyonyi
------6. Naglopers
------7. Osebo
------8. Shango
------9. Xi Dundu
------10. Minor Legacies (Arcus' Malkavians, Mla Watu, Nkulu Zao)
---D. Caitiff - 5100 (12%), includes 14th, 15th, and dhampires
------11.Ghouls & Revenants- (2x kindred..?) 86,000

---A. Camarilla- 47%
------1. Brujah- 20%
------2. Toreador- 19%
------3. Nosferatu- 17%
------4. Ventrue- 12.5%
------5. Gangrel- 10%
------6. Malkavian- 7%
------7. Tremere- 11%
------8. Caitiff- 3.5%
------9. Other- less than 1%
---B. Sabbat- 33%
------1. Lasombra- 25%
------2. Tzimisce- 15%
------3. Anti-Brujah- 9.5%
------4. Anti-Gangrel- 8%
------5. Anti-Malkavian- 7%
------6. Anti-Nosferatu- 7%
------7. Anti-Toreador- 5%
------8. Anti-Ventrue- 4%
------9. Panders- 9.5%
------10. Serpents- 2%
------11. Assamite- 2%
------12. Other- 6%
---C. Other- 20%

---A. Antideluvians- 13 exactly, count 'em
---B. Methuselahs- less than 1%
---C. Elders- 9%
---D. Ancillae- 26%
---E. Neonates- 58%
---F. Fledglings- 6%

III. SHAPESHIFTERS- 47,500 fera total (Homid-/Animal-/Warform-born %)
By tribe/breed
---A. Garou 13,000 Western Concordiat(or approx. 1 for 500,000 mortals) (67/25/8)
------1. Black Furies- 650 (5%)(The Calyxes, Amazons of Diana, Bacchantes, Freebooters, Moon-Daughters, Order of Our Merciful Mother, The Sisterhood, Temple of Artemis)
------2. Bone Gnawers- 1600 (12%)(Rat Finks, Frankweilers, The Hood, Deserters, Road Warders, Hillfolk, The Swarm, Man-Eaters)
------3. Children of Gaia-1300 (10%)(Anointed Ones, Seekers of the Lost Tribes, The Patient Deed, The Imminent Strike, Servants of the Unicorn, Bringers of the Eternal Peace)
------4. Fianna- 1300 (10%)(Songkeepers, Brotherhood of Herne, Whispering Rovers, Grandchildren of Fionn, Children of Dire, Tuatha de Fionn, Mother's Fundamentalists)
------5. Get of Fenris- 1300 (10%) (Valkyria of Freya, The Hand of Tyr, Mjolnir's Thunder, Fangs of Garm, Glorious Fist of Wotan, Swords of Heimdall, Ymir's Sweat, Loki's Smile)
------6. Glass Walkers- 1300 (10%) (Random Interrupts, Corporate Wolves, Wise Guys, Dies Ultimate, Cyber Dogs, City Farmers, Umbral Pilots, Urban Primitives, Mechanical Awakening)
------7. Red Talons- 300 (2%) (Dying Cubs, Lodge of the Predator Kings, Warders of the Lands, Whelp's Compromise, Winter Packs)
------8. Shadow Lords- 1300 (10%) (Bringers of Light, Children of Crow, Judges of Doom, Lords of the Summit, Children of Bat, Lazarite Movement, Masks, Society of Nidhogg)
------9. Silent Striders- 800 (6%) (Seekers, Harbingers, Dispossessed, Wayfarers, Swords of the Night, Eaters of the Dead, The Bitter Hex)
------10. Silver Fangs- 1300 (10%) (Houses: House Wyrmfoe, Clan Crescent Moon, Gleaming Eye, Austere Howl, Unbreakable Hearth, Blood-red Crest, Wise Heart) (Lodges: Lodge of the Sun, Lodge of the Moon) (Camps: Renewal, Royalist, Ivory Priesthood, Gray Raptors, Masters of the Seal)
------11. Uktena- 900 (7%) (Earth Guides. Skywalkers, Bane Tenders, Children of Wyld, Web Walkers, Ghost Dancers, Scouts, Raiders, Path Dancers, Society of the Bitter Frost)
------12. Wendigo- 650 (5%) (The Warpath, The Sacred Hoop, The Ghost Dance,
------13. Stargazers- 250 (2%) (Ana-gamin, The Sacred Thread, The Zephyr, Trance Runners, Heavenly Successors of the Demon-Eater, Ouroboroans)
------14. Ronin- 150 (1%)
------15. Siberakh- when did this cross-breeding begin? we might extrapolate...
------16. Black Spiral Dancers- 3000-4000
------17. Hakken- 1300ish (not included in total garou percentage)

---B. Kinfolk- 195,000ish. 15 kinfolk per shifter.

---C. Changing Breeds (34,500)
------1. Ajaba- 60-70, 100 at most
------2. Ananasi- 11,700
---------a. Kumo (separate from Ananasi)- 1600ish
------3. Bastet- 1,600-2,300
---------a. Bagheera- 500 or many more (India & N. Africa, leopards are thriving)
---------b. Balam- 340-500 or far less (very few jaguars left)
---------c. Bubasti- 52 (Egypt)
---------d. Ceilican- prob'ly extinct
---------e. Khan- 20 or so (India, Bangladesh)
---------f. Khara- long extinct
---------g. Pumonca- 350-500
---------h. Qualmi- 70-100
---------i. Simba- 275-400
---------j. Swara- 140-200
---------k. Hellcats- 400ish (not included in Bastet total)
------4. Corax- 1,300
---------a. Carrion Crows -300ish (separate from Corax)
------5. Gurahl- 200ish (4 tribes)
------6. Kitsune- 1,300
------7. Mokole- 1,300 (4 Streams)
------8. Nagah- 650 (33.3/33.3/33.3)
------9. Nuwisha - 100 exactly and plenty more in the Umbra
------10. Ratkin- equal to Garou, maybe even double or more
------11. Rokea- 800
------12. Same-bito- 500ish (separate from Rokea)

IV. MAGES- 11,000ish (1 for 590,000 mortals) (There are two conflicting accounts. 1 per million in a few older sources, and 1 in 150,000 mortals in Fallen Tower: Las Vegas. The first number doesn't leave enough mages for all their societies. The second, newer number incorporates all the sorcerers as well, which outnumber mages 3 to 1.)
by Willworking splat
---A. Traditionalists (28%)
------1. Akashic Brotherhood 15%
---------a. Shi-ren (Han Fei Tzu Academy, Kaizankai, Gam Lung)
---------b. Li-hai (Mohists, Blue Skins, Roda d'Oro)
---------c. Kannagara (Wandering Phoenix Robes, Jina, Shaolin, Karmachakra)
---------d. Jnani (Yamabushi, Chabnagpa, Wu Shan, Lin Shen)
---------e. Vajrapani (technically 36 clans, but: Tenshin Arashi Ryu, Banner of the Ebon Dragon, Sulsa)
---------f. Wu Lung (Dragon School, Phoenix School, Tiger School)
------2. Celestial Chorus 13.5%
---------a. Guardian Orders (Bros. of St. Christopher, Knights of St. George and the Dragon, Order of St. Michael, Poor Knights of Temple of Solomon, Sisters of Gabrielle)
---------b. Theological Orders (Monists, Septarians, Latitudinarians, Alexandrian Society, Anchorites, Children of Albi, Nashimites)
---------c. Infinite Diversity (Gnostics, Hare Krishnas, Hindus, Jains, Mithraites, Rastafarians, Sikhs, Sufis)
---------d. Other Factions (Bat Binah, Song of the Ancients)
------3. Cult of Ecstacy 11%
---------a. Historical Factions (K'an Lu, Fellowship of Pan, Erzuli Jingo, Vratyas)
---------b. Dissidents Against Andanda (Acharne, Aghoris, Hagalaz)
---------c. Progressivists (Joybringers, Dissonance Society, Klubwerks)
---------d. Political Factions (Children's Crusade, Cult of Acceptance, Silver Bridges)
------4. Dreamspeakers 10%
---------a. Baruti
---------b. Independents
---------c. Ghost Wheel Society
---------d. Keepers of the Sacred Flame
---------e. Red Spear Society (Fathers, Sons, Cousins)
---------f. Spirit Smiths- 84ish mages, 116 static shaman
---------g. Solitaires
------5. Euthanatos 6%
---------a. Chakravanti (Natatapas, Devasu, Lhaksmists)
---------b. Madzimbabwe (N'anga, Ta Kiti)
---------c. Hierochthonoi (Pomegranate Deme, Cabiri, Knights of Radamanthys)
---------d. Aided (Corriguinech, Filidh)
---------e. Vrati (Golden Chalice, Chakramuni, Albireo)
---------f. Other Destinies and Arts (Yggdrasil's Keepers, Pallotino, Yum Cimil)
------6. Order of Hermes 16%
---------a. House Bonisagus
---------b. House Ex Miscellanea
---------c. House Flambeau
---------d. House Fortunae
---------e. House Quaesitor
---------f. House Shaea
---------g. House Solificati
---------h. House Tytalus
---------i. House Verditus ("perhaps largest in the Order")
------7. Sons of Ether 8.5%
---------a. Ethernauts (Applied Propulsion Techs, Jack Parsons Mem. Society, Ethernaut Academy)
---------b. Cybernauts (Robotics Group, Difference Engine Group)
---------c. Utopians (Council for Enforcement of Scientific Ethics, Shadow Ministry, Noetic Engineers, Paradigma Committee)
---------d. Adventurers (Scroll of Destiny)
---------e. Dissidents (Manhattans)
---------f. Progressivists
------8. Verbena 10%
---------a. Gardeners of the Tree
---------b. Twisters of Fate (Neoprimitives)
---------c. Moon-Seekers (Techno-pagans, New Age, Fairy Folk)
---------d. Lifeweavers
------9. Virtual Adepts 10%
---------a. Cyberpunks
---------b. Cypherpunks
---------c. Chaoticians
---------d. Reality Coders
---------e. Nexplorers
---B. Technocrats (34.5%)
------1. Iteration X (22.5%)
---------a. BioMechanics, b. Macrotechnicians, c. Statisticians, d. Time-Motion Managers
------2. New World Order (27%)
---------a. The Ivory Tower, b. Operatives, c. Q Division, d. Watchers
------3. Progenitors (18%)
---------a. Genengineers, b. Damage Control, c. FACADE Engineers, d. Pharmocopoeists
------4. Syndicate (22.5%)
---------a. Disbursements, b. Enforcers, c. Financiers, d. Media Control, e. Special Projects Division
------5. Void Engineers (11%)
---------a. Border Corps Division, b. DSEATC, c. Earth Frontier Division (Ocean, jungle, polar, jungle, mountain, underground), d. Neutralization Specialist Corps, e. Pan-Dimensional Corps, f. Research & Execution
---C. Marauders (5%)
---D. Nephandi (12%)
------1. Aswadim- 7
---E. Crafts (7.5%)
------1. Taftani
------2. Ahl-i-batan
------3. Bata'a
------4. Go Kamisori Gama
------5. Hem-ka Sobk
------6. Kopa Loei
------7. Lions of Zion
------8. Sisters of Hippolyta
------9. Sons of Tengri
------10. Tai Hoi Li
------11. Wu Keng
------12. 5 Elemental Dragons
---F. Hollow Ones (Councilors or Revolutionaries) (3%)
------a. Elemental
------b. Pantheistic
------c. Incognitos
------d. Voudoun Gangstas
------e. Soundwave Masters
------f. Railroad Riders
------g. Social Terrorist Punk Cells
------h. Moles
------i. Outsiders (Gaunts, Mangers, Blood Bags)
---G. Orphans (10%)

By rank for non-technocratic
---Oracle ~9 in Umbra (.2%)
---Archmaster, 170, all in Umbra (1.5%)
---Master (Arete 5), 500, half in Umbra (4.5%)
---Adept (Arete 4), 2150, quarter in umbra (19%)
---Disciple (Arete 3), 5000, (44%)
---Initiate (Arete 2), 2250, (20%)
---Apprentice (Arete 1), 1200 (11%)

By rank for Technocracy
--Oracle: 5 in Umbra (.3%)
--Archmaster, 70, all in Umbra (2.2%)
--Master, 200 (6.5%)
--Adept, 400 (13%)
--Disciple, 620 (19.5%)
--Initiate, 820 (26%)
--Apprentice, 1000 (32.5%)

V. WRAITHS AND THE DEAD- (1.25 billion before #6)
---A. Risen- 500ish (1 for every 13 million living at any given moment?)
---B. Walking Dead (hidden, walkers, shamblers)- 1 for 15,000-20,000 mortals, or at least 20 per mage
---C. Ghosts-
------1. Spectres
------2. Kuei (MK spectres)
According to Hunter ST Handbook: unless there's a New Dijon-style storm, 50% of the supernatural population in a place should be restless dead: shamblers most common, followed by ghosts, then walkers/hidden. Not counting incredibly rare Risen)

VIa. CHANGELINGS- 1 region-based changeling-type creature for 20,000 mortals. 65,000-88,000 western-style kith (Europe, Americas, Australia). Likely even more (99,000ish) of oriental Hsien. Untold numbers of African and other asian changelings.
Otterpooka's Master List of kiths
---A. 16 kithain, gallain, and sub-kiths (Boggans, Clurichaun, Eshu, Ghille Dhu, Merfolk, Nockers, Oba, Piskies, Pooka, Redcaps, River Hags, Satyrs, Selkies, Sidhe, Sluagh, Trolls)
---B. 7 Dark-kin/Adhene/Denizens (Acheri, Aonides, Fir-bholg, Fuath, Keremet, Moirae, Naraka)
---C. 4 Menehune (Ali'i, Hana, Kahuna, Kokua)
---D. 8 Thallain (Aithu, Beasties, Boggarts, Bogies, Goblins, Murdhuacha, Ogres, Spriggan)
---E. 14 Nunnehi (Canotili, Inuas, Kachinas, May-may-gwya-shi, Nanehi, Numuzo'ho, Pu'Gwis, Rock Giants, Surems, Though Crafters, Tunghat, Water Babies, Yunwi Amai-yine-hi, Yunwi Tsundsi)
---F. 6 Inanimae (Glomes, Kuberas, Mannikins, Ondines, Parosemes, Solimonds)
---G. 10 Hsien (Chu-ih-yu, Chu Jung, Fu-Hsi, Hanumen, Heng Po, Hou-chi, Komuko, Nyan, Suijen, Tanuki)
---H. 6 Dauntain (Apostates, Black Magicians, The Cursed, The Lost, Nihilists, Typhoids)
---I. 5 Autumn Fae stereotypes (The Crashing Bore, The Minutia Maven, The Over-Protective Mother, The Restrictive Librarian, The Suit)

---#. Kinain- 1 fae-blooded for every 20 changelings

VIb. Hsien (99,000 if there's 1 for 20,000 folks like Changeling density)
---A. Kamuii/nobles
------1. Chu Jung (fire)
------2. Chu-ih-yu (metal)
------3. Hou Chi (wood)
------4. Komuko (earth)
------5. Suijen (water)
---B. Hirayanu- commoners
------1. Fu Hsi (wood)
------2. Nyan (fire)
------3. Tanuki (metal)
------4. Hanuman (earth)
------5. Heng Po (water)
---C. Kura Sau (corrupt, Yomi's servants)

VII. IMBUED - 4,000-8,000 (1 in 1,625,000 mortals to 812,000 mortals)
---Bystanders 450-900 (1 "active" bystander for every 9 Imbued)

VIII. DEMONS - 2,002,204 remaining after the war
--- A. Earthbound- 666 (1 for every 9,760,000 mortals)
------a. Thralls- 3,600+-5 for each lesser Earthbound
------b. Cultists- 55ish for each lesser Earthbound
--- B. Fallen
--- If hell emptied out: 1 demon for 3200 mortals.
--- If half of hell (1,000,769) emptied out- 1 demon for 6500 mortals
--- If a third of hell (660,507) emptied out- 1 demon for 9800 mortals
--- If a quarter of hell (500,385) emptied out- 750,659: 1 demon for 13,000 mortals
--- If 3% of hell emptied out: 60,046- 1 demon for 108,000 mortals
--- If 2.5% of hell emptied out: 50,400- 1 demon for 129,000 mortals (suggested by LA's metro area population if only the 100 canon demons)
--- If 2% of hell emptied out: 40,030- 1 demon for 162,000 mortals
--- If 1% of hell emptied out: 20,015- 1 demon for 325,00mortals (what I recommend for a non-demon-centric game, if not even less)
------a. Thralls- 100,000ish, ~2 for each Fallen.
------b. Followers-30,000ish ~.6 for each Fallen

IX. KUEI-JIN- 21,000 (1 in 171,000 Eastern and Southern asians)
---A. Thrashing Dragons - 20% (4200)
---B. Devil Tigers - 17.5% (3675)
---C. Resplendant Cranes - 16% (3360)
---D. Bone Flowers - 16% (3360)
---E. Thousand Whispers - 13% (2940)
---F. Other - 17.5% (3675)
------1. Face of the Gods-- 5% (1000)
------2. Flame of the Rising Phoenix-- 1% (200)
------3. Spirit of the Living Earth-- 4% (800) predominantly in India.
------4. Tempest of the Inward Focus-- 4% (900)
------5. Scorpion Eaters-- 2.5% (500)
------6. Akuma-- 1% (200), perhaps 50 Greater, 150 Lesser
---G. Dhampyrs- 300-500 (1 dhampyr for every 50 kuei-jin)
------a. Jin Hai- 3-4
------b. Makuro Hiko- 20ish

---A. Amenti- 700
------1.Ancient Undying: 13 Imkhu, perhaps 3 Cabiri, some Ishmaelites
---B. Teomallki- 400ish
---C. Wu T'ian- 200ish
---D. Bane Mummies- precisely 7
---E. Asekh-Sen-perhaps 850
------1. Wu Kuei- (150ish)
---F. Amkhat cultists (or regional equivalent)-2400 - 2 for each mummy at any given moment

(Those that wield mystic power-- 3x mages, around 33,000ish) or (1 for 191,700 mortals)
---A. Society of Leopold- 500ish
------1. Sisterhood of St. Claire
------2. Sons of Tertullian
---------a. Sect of St. James
------3. Brethren of Albertus
------4. Office of the Censor
--------a. Gladius Dei
--------b. Condotierri
------6. Order of St. Peter
------7. Sanbenito
------8. Order of St. Joan
------9. Children of Lazarus
------10. Fathers of the Good Death
------11. Order of St. Michael
---B. Arcanum- over 500
------1. Associates- 200
------2. Neophytes- 120
------3. Journeymen- 180
------4. Elder Brothers- 60
---C. Shih - 2600 (Middle Kingdom)
---D. Society of St. George (UK)
---E. Ikhwan al-Safa (Muslim countries)
---F. Akritai (Eastern Orthodox)
---G. Judges (Jewish)
---H. Twilight Agencies (from 1 or 2 to three dozen, plus mundane support personnel)
------1. Strike Force Zero (Japan)
------2. Special Affairs Division (USA's FBI)
------3. Domestic Intelligence Bureau (USA's NSA, compromised by supernats)
------4. Mossad (Israel, compromised)
---I. Mediums
------1. Benandantis
------2. Orphic Circle (from 300+ to just 22 survivors)
------3. Tranquility Inc.
------4. Paranormal Research Wing of Alternate Energy Group
---------a. Phantom Division
------5. Native American shamans
---J. Psychics
---K. Those with True Faith
---L. Theurgists
---M. Sorcerers/ Hedge Wizards
------1. Bata'i
------2. Star Council
------3. Asatru Hagalez
------4. Thal'hun
------5. Nephite Priesthood
------6. Fenian
------7. Pythian Order
------8. Balamob
------9. Uzoma
------10. Ancient Order of the Aeon Rights
------11. Children of Osiris
------12. Cult of Isis
------13. Cult of Mercury
------14. Maison Liban
------15. Nebuu-afef, Order of the Golden Fly
------16. Silver Portal
------17. Mogen Ha Chav
------18. The Seven Thunders

---A. Regular Wolves- 120,000-200,000
------1. N. America- 10,000
------2. Europe- 11,000
------3. Russia- 30,000
------4. Asia- 68,500
---B. Posessed
------a. Fomori- 1 per shifter at any given moment, 47,000ish.
------b. Drones- 4,700ish (1 for 10 fomori)
------c. Gorgons- 800ish
------d. Kami- 300ish
---C. Pentex - 264,700 employees
------a. Endron Intl.- 107,100
------b. Magadon Inc.- 86,600
------c. King Breweries- 30,800
------d. Avalon Inc.- 31,000
------e. Tellus Enterprises- 9,000
------f. Black Dog Games- 200
---Ghost Bunyip and Innocents (shapeshifter ghosts that aren't really wraiths and aren't really spirits, either)
---Caged Folk
---Mage Constructs

* NOTE ON ASIA: Asia as a continent is a mess, culturally. It has the Chinese-like cultures (E. Asia), the Indian-like cultures (S. Asia), the Europe-like cultures (N. Asia), and what we know as the "Middle East" (W. Asia). I know its horrific to lump them together into only 4 categories, but we have to at some point for this project. In general, WoD's "Middle Kingdom" is going to apply to Eastern and Southern Asias combined, whereas North and West asia will tend to fall into the "Western" monster groups.

** There are conflicting claims about India's vampiric population. Some propose that the entire country is predominantly Ravnos, putting pre-Week of Nightmares populations into the tens of thousands, and kuei-jin at a minority. This conflicts with the fact there is an entire heretical dharma based out of India. I propose the Ravnos numbered around 6000, only slightly bigger than Brujah (instead of 2-4 times bigger) and only held a few key cities, and the rest of the country inhabited by some 4,600 kuei-jin.

From Shadownessence

Storytellers, by the very act of telling, communicate a radical learning that changes lives and the world: telling stories is a universally accessible means through which people make meaning.
-Chris Cavanaugh

"Every time I try to talk to someone it's 'sorry this' and 'forgive me that' and 'I'm not worthy'..."
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