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Allies and Contacts

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Allies and Contacts Empty Allies and Contacts

Post  Storyteller on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:14 am

We have decided to create, or more, clarify Allies and Contacts. Mortal Allies and Contacts and Kindred Allies and Contacts will be run as described here.

Contacts, Allies, Kindred Contacts, and Kindred Allies will all be different Backgrounds.

Up to five points at character creation. They must be defined at character creation with at least a name, clan and location unless otherwise specified. The STs reserve the right to flesh these characters out to provide dimension to the world.

Kindred Contacts, Allies (and Mentors) are purchased at regular Background cost (3 for first dot, then current rating X 2 for each additional dot).

-For PC Kindred, both Kindred and mortals may be taken as Contacts/Allies. All Kindred Contact/Allies must reside outside Rhode Island, or be an NPC from another sect that the PC cannot meet with in regular RP. Other player characters in Rhode Island need not be bought as contacts/allies, unless they permanently relocate outside Rhode Island. PC Kindred who retire, as opposed to ending by final death, do so by leaving Rhode Island and taking up residence elsewhere, determined by the player and the STs, may be recorded on the Background Sheet of any PC who has them as a contact/ally.

-For PC Ghouls, both mortals and other ghouls may be taken as contacts/allies. PC Ghouls may not have Kindred of other cities as Contacts/Allies (this would be inappropriate in Kindred society). Other player character ghouls in Rhode Island do not need to be purchased unless they retire. Retired PC ghouls may either be purchased as a retainer by their domitor at the time of retirement, or be relocated to another domitor in another domain. This must be decided at the time of retirement, and their city of residence must be recorded on the Background Sheet of those who purchase them as contact/ally.

All characters are encouraged to buy the Contacts/Allies background to represent those they may know from domains they are leaving, and domains important to their character history. Other characters are also encouraged to expect those who have left a domain where they have resided for any significant time to have at least one Contact/Ally there, and suspect foul play if this is not the case. Likewise, if you're developing a new character, and you decide against purchasing these expected Contacts/Allies, you may want to include in your background why nobody wants to talk to your character where she used to live.

You may choose one or more spheres of Influence for your contact/ally/mentor. Total strength of the influence will be fleshed out by the Storyteller. The main advantage is that these dots do not necessarily have to be available in the total influence pool of this city.

Keep in mind, Contacts are not your character’s friends, and will commonly demand immediate payment for their help. Also, they may ultimately work against you if it's in their best interests. Allies will expect to be able to call on you in their times of need for help. And Mentors will do what they think is best for you, even if you don't agree. Finally, be aware that Contacts may be lost due to actions by yourself or others.

Sources: ECC via Emerald City Reborn

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